Radiant Media Player

Frequently asked questions

What is Radiant Media Player?

Radiant Media Player is a web media player oriented towards adaptive bitrate streaming in HTML5 video/audio (HLS & DASH) for mobile and desktop devices. Our leading video ads solution will let you monetise your content according to the latest standard in the industry (VAST/VPAID/VMAP). Decryption of DRM & AES encrypted media is available to prevent theft of content. Our powerful API will let you build about anything on top of our player. See our pricing page for a detailed list of features.

Radiant Media Player introduces to a large audience of businesses and Internet professionals advanced features at a fair price.

Why should I choose Radiant Media Player?

  • Smart HTML5 media player with adaptive bitrate streaming support
  • Live, DVR and on-demand video
  • Top-notch video ads
  • DASH & HLS DRM & HLSe support
  • 360 video support
  • Powerful player API
  • Easy set-up & player configuration
  • Dynamic technical support and player updates
  • Flexible plans with all player features included to best suit your needs

Why should I pay for Radiant Media Player when I can just use an open-source & free player like video.js?

  • Open-source is not free. There is an inherent cost to using and maintaining open-source software for your project. This cost can rapidly become greater than the cost of using specialised software.
  • Advanced & innovative features that are not available with open-source players.
  • Professional technical support.
  • Short-cycle player updates. All supported features for Radiant Media Player are actively maintained. It is not uncommon to see a video.js plugin without any updates for months or that is no longer maintained.
  • Customer-driven roadmap.

At the end of the day it is up to you to opt for the solution that you are comfortable with. There is no right or wrong answer to the above question.

Who should use Radiant Media Player?

Everybody with a website and media content can use Radiant Media Player.

Radiant Media Player can be used out of the box with a basic understanding of common web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS and media formats like MP4, HLS or DASH.

For example:

  • Content owners who want to provide a rich video experience to their viewers
  • E-commerce, training or corporate sites
  • TV channels looking to take their online experience to the next level
  • Developers looking for a player to build upon
  • Online video or ad platforms
  • Professional bloggers & gamers

How long does it take to set up Radiant Media Player?

Our one code integration strategy and responsive player should make it easy to include Radiant Media Player in any kind of web page, framework, CMS (WordPress, Drupal ...) or blogging system rapidly.

Does Radiant Media Player host or encode my video content?

No. We try to keep our focus on building a great media player. Services like Wowza, Amazon web services or OVH can provide video hosting/encoding services at reasonable rates.

Will my video be visible on mobile devices?

We designed Radiant Media Player for this purpose. Today the mobile web is taking over the "Desktop" web. HTML5 video has clearly emerged as the only way to deliver video content to all those new connected devices. We test extensively our player on a wide range of mobile devices from various manufacturer to insure it plays everywhere.

What are the streaming protocols supported with Radiant Media Player?

Visit our compatibility table for a detailed list of supported streaming protocols and environments.

I have a technical question about the player, can you help me?

Yes. We provide professional email-based technical support for each Radiant Media Player customer. To request technical support visit our support page.

Does Radiant Media Player supports audio-only streaming?

Yes. Refer to our audio-only documentation for more information. Audio-only ads are also supported.

Can I provide feedback on your product or request new features?

Yes. We encourage all customers to provide feedback and suggest additional features. This can be done through our contact page.