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Scope of support for audio ads

Radiant Media Player supports audio-only streaming in HLS, DASH or progressive download with flexible configuration options. See our audio-only player docs for more information.

Audio ads are supported within our audio-only player in various formats: M4A (AAC), MP3 or even HLS (where natively supported by the device). Other formats (like Vorbis or Opus in .oga or .webm) may work depending on device capabilities.

Audio-ads must be linear audio-ads. Non-linear or Skippable Linear ads are not supported as they would not fit the audio-only player.

Audio-ads and our audio-only player can be controlled through our player API & ads API. You can also use ad waterfalling or our ad scheduler for audio ads.


Single linear preroll audio ad:

Player code for the above example:

<!-- Include Radiant Media Player JavaScript file in your <body> or <head> -->
<script src="https://cdn.radiantmediatechs.com/rmp/4.3.10/js/rmp.min.js" 
<!-- Set up your wrapper div with its unique id -->
<div id="rmpPlayer"></div>
<!-- Set up player configuration options -->
// First we specify bitrates to feed to the player
var bitrates = {
  hls: 'https://dqwp3xzzbfhtw.cloudfront.net/vod/smil:audio.smil/playlist.m3u8'
// Then we set our player settings
var settings = {
  licenseKey: 'your-license-key',
  bitrates: bitrates,
  width: 640,
  ads: true,
  adTagUrl: 'https://www.radiantmediaplayer.com/vast/tags/audio.xml',
  adTagWaterfall: [
  audioOnly: true
// Reference to the wrapper div (unique id)
var elementID = 'rmpPlayer';
// Create an object based on RadiantMP constructor
var rmp = new RadiantMP(elementID);
// Initialization ... test your page and done!
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