Radiant Media Player

Ad-blocker detection

Your business model is at risk

As of Q2 2015, 45 million Americans were using ad blockers. In a survey research study released Q2 2016, MetaFacts reported 72 million Americans, 12.8 million adults in the UK, and 13.2 million adults in France were using ad blockers on their PCs, Smartphones, or Tablets.

Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad_blocking

Stop revenue loss today! You have the right to counter ad-blocking software to keep your business going.

An ad-blocker detection strategy should be in any project serious about making legitimate revenue with video ads.


  • Customisable message to display to your audience
  • Responsive
  • Tested to work against:
    • Adblock Plus
    • AdBlock Pro
    • AdBlock
    • uBlock
    • Opera built-in ad-blocker feature (since Opera 37+)

Get it on GitHub

This feature is provided as an opt-in open-source extension for Radiant Media Player.

A working example can be found here.